Giants - AP Marketing and Consulting

Saints - Amgen and Dayne's Chicago Beef & Hot Dogs

Giants - Xcelerate Hire Inc. and Giant Parents

Saints - Zweig Dentistry

Giants - Wheatman Insurance
Saints - Kristin Minkler

Giants - Vargo Physical Therapy  
Saints - Rampart Commercial Realty

Gold Sponsor

Colts - Sound Palace Records and Oliver Family
Rams - Lloyd’s Plumbing

Colts - Chatsworth Park Health Care Center
Rams - The Mahannah Family; Abe and Dana Orozco

Colts - McFadden Law and Mediation
Rams - Kephart Family

Colts - Referral Lending
Rams - Westlake Software Inc. 

A special Thank You to all of our Sponsors listed below - your sponsorship helps support our organization.

Conejo Youth Flag Football Association

1336 Moorpark Road, PMB 272
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 870-5867

Team Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

Scrim Team Sponsors

49ers - Graziano Roofing, Inc.

Packers - SAA and Scrim Parents

Bantam Team Sponsors


Packers - Synergy Sports & Chiropractic

Junior Team Sponsors

49ers - 49ers Parents

Packers - Temp-Tec Corporation

Senior Team Sponsors

49ers - First and River Self Storage  
Packers - Churchill, Lutz andAssociates Insurance